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Learning to Choose Your Focus

You wanna hear something funny? Well, not funny “ha-ha” but funny “weird”? Think about this: you can hold a nickel up to your eye until it is so big that it blots out the Sun. Heck, it blots out the entire sky. A nickel. Go ahead, try it (I’ll wait).

What can you buy with a nickel? Nuthin’ (ok, well, maybe a piece of Bazooka).

But, if you decide to focus on that little nuthin’ of a nickel so much that it is the only thing you see, then it becomes so big it can – and will – blot out the Sun (which, by far, is the most important source of energy for life on Earth). A wee little nickel can cover up our entire huge Sun.

My point? What you focus on, what you pull close to you, becomes bigger. And, if you focus on it long and hard enough, it becomes ginormous. So ginormous, it’s the only thing you see. Meaning, if we choose to focus on our problems, they become bigger.  They can even become huge. And if we let them, they can completely block out any source of light trying to reach us.  Energy-giving light.

Here’s the good news. We choose what to focus on, you and me (no one is forcing us to hold that nickel up to our eyes).  Which means, we can choose to focus on the good stuff, the empowering stuff, the stuff that improves our lives. We are in control of what we do with that nickel.

All of my heroes are good at keeping their eyes on the sky, not on the nickel. So I am going to do the same thing.