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Thank You to All

I have learned that if you are very quiet, you will hear your heart’s desire. If you take time to ask yourself, your true self will tell you your destiny. And if, once you envision your dreams, you keep moving towards them and never let them go, you can have a day like today.

Today is the day before. The day before TIA Girl Club launches as a business. The day before the dream I had two years ago becomes a reality. The day before I step into my new reality.

It is so far beyond my wildest dreams. Along the way, in the past two years, people were put in my way that provided exactly what I needed. So many people helped me. Everything was done with love and support and I thank all of the people who made this happen, including Beckie Klein, who helped so much at the start; Trevor Blake; my kids; Tyrone Rhabb and Brian Riley, who made the videos; Casey Michael, our peerless graphic designer; Girish Karnani, who helped with the original business plan, Jud Traphagen for his office, Liz Phillips for ah-may-zing editing and style guidance, Sarah, Alex and Megan at Vann Alexandra; Krista, Jaimen, Nicole, Abi, and everyone else at Sunshine Sachs, Mandy Tang, a force of such positivity and brilliance she makes everyone better, all the TIA Girls who I have come to know and love, my parents, friends and most of all my partner in all of this and the love of my life, Will, who has done all the business and who gave my idea a foundation in reality. My new reality.