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You are a Wonder, Woman!

Today I have a dare for you. Stand in front of your mirror like your favorite superhero for thirty seconds. Wonder Woman. Storm. Mystique. Superman. Batman. Even that little girl from The Incredibles. Just thirty seconds. Feet spread apart, fists on your hips.

Heck, you don’t even have to be in front of your mirror. You can be anywhere. Riding the elevator at work? Take advantage. Stand like a superhero there (granted, hopefully you’re alone in the elevator). Because when you step off having just stood like Wonder Woman, guess what?

You will have just given yourself a power boost. Your confidence? It will have just risen.

You see, Harvard University conducted a survey that concluded when you stand like a superhero – feet wide apart, hands in fists on your hips – and just hang like that, you are guaranteed to feel more powerful. And we all know, feeling powerful MAKES you powerful.

And this you can teach your kids!

So, the next time one of your children tells you they have a math quiz that morning, or are playing in an important sports game that afternoon, or they have to give a speech in Latin class, you can remind them to find a private place to stand like their favorite superhero a few minutes before showtime. It will undoubtedly give them a shot of confidence right before their activity – and that can only be a good thing. And everybody loves a good thing.