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Tia Girl Club supports and encourages amazing girls as they grow into strong women. Check out the video below to see how we’re making a difference with positive words, inspiring role models, and a compassionate community.

Letter from the Founder

Letter from the Founder

My childhood friends would say that I was a confident girl in many ways. I knew how to make people laugh, and how to be a good friend. But despite my confident exterior, I was afraid of being disliked and worried about letting others down by saying or doing the “wrong” thing. Eventually, I buried the real me under this fear. I lost my authenticity and my voice, and didn’t find it again until much later in life.

This loss of self-confidence and self-identity happens to so many young girls - specifically tween girls - as a result of something psychologists call “camouflaging.” Being accepted means everything to a young girl, and it may cause her to hide who she is in order to blend in with those around her. Ultimately, she also hides from herself. It’s no coincidence girls experience the highest drop in self-esteem during the tween years (ages 8 to 13), when they begin to camouflage.

When our daughter Julia was born I made it my mission to teach her she was enough, just the way she was. But self-confidence isn’t something you can hand a girl on a silver platter! Girls need to find their own confidence, and they need to learn how to strengthen it. Hello, Tia Girl Club!

Tia Girl Club provides a supporting and encouraging environment for girls to discover who they authentically are, and we teach them how to rock it to the moon and back! Through words (for example, “Today I Am Fearless!”), mentors (Tia Trailblazers), and a community that cares, Tia Girls all over the world are learning it’s cool to have an opinion and to express it! Tia Girls know being yourself is awesome and nothing is impossible.

Facts: 70 percent of teen girls do not believe they are good enough, and 75 percent of teen girls with low self-esteem report engaging in negative activities such as eating disorders, bullying, or cutting. Building self-esteem in tween girls is crucial. Please join me in this important mission. Together we are going to inspire the next generation of girls to become empowered women!

Today I am grateful,
Vanessa Schenck


Because of Tia Girl Club, my self esteem is now off the charts!


-– Tia Girl Isabella, age 12

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