Check out our limited edition Empowerment Boxes from Derek Hough!

What's Included

TIA Welcome Kit

  • Welcome Tia Handbook
  • Tia Girl Club Membership Card
  • Your own Tia Hummingbird Necklace
  • Tia Postcard to send to a friend
  • Tia Multi-ink Pen
  • Tia Stickers and Tattoos
  • Tia Inspirational Message
  • Tia Trailblazer introduction
  • Tia Stand for Inspirational Message display

Derek’s Empowerment Box for Girls

  • “Take The Lead” Bracelet
  • Stickers
  • Express Yourself Art Kit
  • “Romeo” Stuffed Animal Dog
  • Two Tia Headbands
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Tia Beanie Hat with Hummingbird
  • Derek’s Trailblazer Card including Tia 7Q
  • Tia Inspirational Postcard from Derek
  • Tia Poster (including a letter from Derek!)

Derek’s Empowerment Box for Boys

  • String Backpack
  • Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Energy Experiment
  • Rubber “Take The Lead” Bracelet
  • Beanie Hat with Lightning Bolt
  • Tech Gloves
  • Poster with Derek’s “Rules for Life”
  • Tia Handbook for Boys
  • Letter from Derek
  • Stickers